How does the approval process work?

Once your order is paid for and submitted, the Clockwise mock up team gets to work reviewing your order and creating mockups for each print and each product on the order. This is to help you get a good approximation of what the final product will look like.

Once the mock ups are ready, you will receive an email with a link to your approval page, which shows all of the mockups, as well as the quantities of each style ordered, the print size, print type, and print location specs, the ship-to address, etc. Any questions or concerns? Email out customer support team at! If we don't know what you need, then we can't help you make it happen. It is up to YOU to check whether the artwork, the print specs, the ship-to address and all the other details are correct. 

If you need to make a change at this point, you can just click on the “Request Changes” button on your approval page or email us. The team will then review your instructions, make the appropriate changes and then re-send the approval link to you for you to review. You may either request more adjustments or approve from here.

Once your order is approved it moves straight into production, so no changes can be made once you hit the “Approve” button. This means that you must take extra care that the ship-to address is correct, the artwork you submitted is the “final version” rather than a draft, and that where the decoration will be and how big it will be is exactly what you want. 

Any changes that are requested after an order is approved may be denied or accepted at our own discretion and are subject to material and restock fees. 

Clockwise is not responsible if you are dissatisfied with a product or order that bears no material or significant difference from what was approved. Please keep in mind that the final product may differ from the mock up for the following reasons:

  •  Certain inks react differently on different garment colors and fabric blends. For more information, see: Why do some water-based prints look off?
  • Screen calibration may impact how you see the mock ups vs what our screens and lights (which are specially calibrated for color accuracy) show. For more information, see: Can you match to a Pantone color value?
  • Products are subject to manufacture and dye lots, meaning that they may appear different from the mock up due to changes in formula or in construction. For more information, see: Why does my blank not look exactly like the picture?
  • The size of a garment may make a decoration seem smaller or larger, or slightly off-spec.
  • Since your products are printed or embroidered by real people, Clockwise operates within a small margin of error for size and placement.