Why does my blank not look exactly like the picture?

Clockwise uses the most up-to-date product photos possible when creating mock ups and offering substitutions. However, there are many reasons beyond our control that a blank may not exactly match a product photo that we use for a mock up including:

  • Screen color calibration - Depending on how the screen of your device is back-lit or how it has been color-calibrated may make a huge difference in what you see on-screen and the product you receive.
  • Differences or changes in manufacture - A manufacturer may opt to suddenly change how it makes the product, such as where it places the seams, how the color of the final product looks, or the kind of size label it uses. Additionally, different manufacturing plants may product slightly different products.
  • Dye lots - Even if a manufacturer has not changed the dye formula, there are always differences in the end product of garments produced in different dye "lots" or batches.
  • Dye-overs - Sometimes a manufacturer will dye over an existing garment to meet demand for the same product in another color. This may impact the final color.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to ensure that all products used for an order are of the same batch, and dye lot from the same manufacturer and will appear exactly how they look on your screen. if you are very concerned about the end product looking a particular way, we strongly recommend ordering a sample first.