Can I store and sell products that aren't created by Clockwise?

Clockwise can definitely store and fulfill orders with your merch, even if it's produced elsewhere. 

Anything you send to us for inventory storage much be packaged and shipped as follows:

  • Each SKU must be packed in its own distinct container that keeps it separate from other SKUs.
  • Each container has the SKU it contains clearly labeled on the outside of each container.
  • If more than one container of SKUs is in a single carton, the carton must be labelled with all of the SKUs contained inside.

We also need advanced notice of the shipment of any goods, for accuracy's sake, including:

  • The number of cartons we can expect to receive (i.e. 3 boxes).
  • Tracking numbers for each of the Cartons in the shipment.
  • A itemized list of the SKUs contained in the shipment and the quantity per SKU.
  • Any instructions as to the handling of each SKU (Carrying out any special instructions are subject to any and all applicable fees)