How does Clockwise pricing work?

At Clockwise, the pricing is based on the cost of the product(s) you select, the quantity you order and how you would like it to be decorated.

When you place an order on our website, you first pick a blank product to customize, and then let us know how many of each size and color would like. Once you select a print or embroidery location for that product, you can see the price at the bottom right of the screen. Prices will increase or decrease depending on:

  • The products you selected -- Different blanks cost different amounts.
  •  The quantity you are ordering -- 24 pieces will cost less per piece than 12 pieces.
  • The number of print locations desired -- Front & back? Or just the Front?
  • The print methods you choose -- Are you looking for premium inks? Appliqué?
  • The finishing options selected -- Do you want to have a size label with your branding on it?

That price also includes:

  • Professional mockups
  • Individually folded garments
  • Free standard shipping within the United States

We can also rush production of your order, ship internationally or drop-ship your order to individual addresses.  All of these services will cost additional fees.