What is a Custom Label?

What is a Custom Label?

Clockwise custom labeling is a soft and comfortable finishing upgrade that will take your branded apparel to the next level. Custom labels give all the appearance of a fully branded garment without the added costs and lead times associated with using sewn in labels.

Why Choose a Clockwise Custom Labeling?

Clockwise custom labeling is great for your project if:

  • You desire a tag-free garment (as opposed to sewn in label)
  • You want to avoid the lead time associated with ordering custom fabric labels
  • You are working with a garment that can accept screen printing on the inside

Artwork Sizing: 3.5″ x 3.5″

Your label design should fit within a 3.5″ x 3.5″ square.  We recommend that your smallest text is at 6 pts or greater for best results.


Standard placement for custom printed labels are inside the neck, replacing a traditional sewn in tag.

Here is an example of a custom label printed by Clockwise:

The Process

When printing custom labels:

  • Setup: Clockwise organizes your shirts according to size.
  • Removal: Clockwise carefully removes any existing neck labels in the garment.
  • Production: Clockwise screen prints your custom designed label into the garment.

Information to Include

  • Your business / brand’s name
  • The garment’s size
  • Fabric content
  • Country of origin
  • Care instructions

Not sure how to set up your file? Download our custom label template to get started!